My name is Richard Barrow (??????? ????????) and I am a British expat living?here in Thailand for twenty three years.?I have been blogging?about life and travel in Thailand since 1998.? I also post daily on social media on?Twitter,?Instagram?and?Facebook. I do all of this for fun. None of my websites have any advertising or sponsorship. My day job is teaching. I have been a teacher in Thailand since 1994. In fact, I have been teaching at the same Thai school since the first day I arrived in Thailand. This is my home now. I am not going anywhere. For my blogs about travel, please visit Thai Travel News.


              News about Thailand on Twitter

              I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I post mainly travel news with ideas of where to go in Thailand. I also post breaking news which might be useful for expats. Most of my tweets are translated from Thai, which is why you will often find it first on my Twitter feed. I tweet in English on @RichardBarrow and in Thai on @RichardinThai. I also have a Facebook fanpage.

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